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Without a will, you have NO say in where your money goes.

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Make sure YOU choose what happens to your belongings not the state

WRITING a will is essential for EVERY adult no matter how old you are or how wealthy. But most people in the UK simply never get around to it.

We have made the process of writing your will quick and easy. One of our will-writing experts will visit you at home and guide you through the process.

A few pounds and one hour of your time is a small price to pay for the peace of mind of knowing that your wishes will be carried out after your death.

Dying intestate – without a will – causes all sorts of problems for your loved ones and means you will have no say in who your estate is left to. Any assets will be distributed by the state according to intestacy law.

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Three simple steps to protecting you and your loved ones

1. We visit you at home

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2. Your Will is drafted

Our legal experts draft your will and return it to you for approval

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We ensure your Will is securely registered and stored so your wishes are followed

Why You Need A Will?

Having a will is increasingly important in these troubled times. Arguing over the estate of a loved one breaks up a number of families every year. If you die without making a will:

– Your partner may not be able to inherit your property and possessions
– If you are unmarried, your partner will not receive anything
– If you have children, particularly stepchildren, guardianship of the children would become unclear. A court will decide their future, and who looks after them.
– If you have intended a gift for your friend or grandchild it won’t reach them.

Making a Will ensures that the right things go to the right people. It avoids family squabbles and minimises inheritance tax on your estate.

This helps your spouse and children inherit the maximum amount possible in the shortest amount of time without any joint accounts being frozen or house sales being forced.

In certain circumstances our Will Writers can advise you regarding mitigation of care home fees for the elderly.

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Expert Professional Advice

Will Writers Code of Professional Conduct

Why Make A Will With Us?

We offer professional will writing services and experienced will writing advice tailored to meet the requirements of your individual circumstances and needs.

Our Will Writing service is designed around two simple 30 minute appointments in the comfort of your home at a time convenient to you with your local professional Will Writer.

We are professional Will Writers who are members of recognised Will Writing institutes in the UK who agree to the Will Writers Code of Professional Conduct.